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tanalilt asked:

One I don't feel too strange admitting: chikan/groping. Or in general, forced sexual acts with the risk of discovery and then probably worse afterward should the gropee fight it. It's a good mix of things for me.

OH MY GOD YES I LOVE CHIKAN i am chikan trash yes yes yes I am


when ur friend posts a selfie



  • fandoms dont own tumblr
  • hipsters dont own tumblr
  • humour blogs dont own tumblr

you wanna know who owns tumblr??

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Ok my askbox is empty I’m going to run and take a shower before I go another day to work without showering after the gym


A revamp of a REALLY OLD DRAWING as a print for ANIME EXPO 2014! UVU 

I will be tabling with siobhanchiffon PLS VISIT US HEHE!

Anonymous asked:

If you're still doing the fetishes, there's one that ties into the noise aspect of it all. I really enjoy the smacking sounds when people are fucking really vigorously. There's something about the repetitive smack-smack-smack that really gets me going. And then when it speeds up, I'm pretty much gone. Combine it with the whimpering, and you're guaranteed to slay me.

THAT SOUND IS ACTUALLY SO GREAT like more in IRL sex that in fantasy but OH GOD YES especially if one person stays really limp during sex so the sound is sort of intensified

Anonymous asked:

when i got into mgs, i found out that i was into kinks that i didn't think i was into. but i was wrong. so wrong. then i got into jjba and i realized that i actually liked a headfucking fic. whoops.

there is a reason if a lot of people in MGS are also in jjba and the reason is messed up porn

Anonymous asked:

Once I read this supernatural fic where one of the dudes was evil I guess idk who was what but the important part is he had a live snake crawl up the other guys ass and that really stuck with me

It stuck more with the other guys’ ass trust me


It wasn’t always like this…

metal-gear-felidae replied to your post:So uh. You can probably guess who this is. 

Ooohh yes bones. Not sure I like ‘em as a fetish but daaaammnnn. Bones.

Yeah I would have bet it was you except that I know your only fetish is soft vore. I have no idea who that was, then.

cursivelynx replied to your post “So uh. You can probably guess who this is.

You’re the target public of Skeletor/He-Man ;w;

For real though omg